Mass Effect 2

Latest BioWare's action RPG, Mass Effect 2, will be present on the market. This game was greeted with a roar in the various reviews. Gamers around the world can finally continue the adventures of Commander Shephard after Electronic Arts (EA) officially launched the Mass Effect 2. Game for Xbox 360 and PC this type of Action - Role Playing Game (RPG) with the advanced shooting elements.

Mass Effect 2 got much frenzy reviews from various media. Value achieved by these games are perfect or near perfect. Official Xbox Magazine UK edition, Total PC Gaming, Eurogamer, that the Guardian provides full value for this game. Mass Effect 2 is the second part of the trilogy of Mass Effect. Space Adventures has become one of the model for the gaming industry in developing a strong RPG with action scenes shooting.

Purchasers of this game, the original version of course, will have additional content (Downloadable Content / DLC) for free. Free content available on launch day will feature additional missions in Normandy crash site.

Other content is also promised BioWare will be coming soon. Including a new character named Zaeed which was originally appeared on launch day but will be delayed a few days.

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The Darksiders Walkthrough - Xbox 360 | PS3 - Full Guide

Darksiders The Wrath of War takes the player on the role as War- one of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse. Apparently, the apocalypse had taken place prematurely, while the world is destroyed, War must seek to find out who misled him and the other horsemen to starting the final battle. Prepare for some hell of an action in this action adventure console game. Anyways, we found a Darksiders walkthrough video guide:

walkthrough darksiders abyssal armor boss achievements
Darksiders captures the grit, sweat, blood and tears shed in our Nation's defense against dangerous rogue states. The graphics are simply stunning, with many varied locales throughout Eastern Europe, Asia, and Central America. The characters are extremely detailed and the animations are so varied that I played the entire game without seeing one repeated. The gameplay is also stellar: there are so many ways to tackle each mission that a second playthrough is like a totally new game.

Darksiders puts you in the shoes of War, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Okay still sounds similar but not quite as much, nice new angle actually. So okay, you are involved with managing the mysterious force that controls the boundaries between the kingdoms of Heaven and hell.

Okay, so for reasons unknown war inadvertently starts Armageddon and after mankind is annihilated he needs to answer for his own crimes. You are accompanied by "the watcher" which has been superbly voice acted by the one and only Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker - Star Wars) If that's any indication as to the production value, you might very well conclude a very big plus on this side here. So he hangs out with you as he's been instructed by the council to make sure you stay on track. Interestingly, he hands out important info to you along the storyline which is both helpful and believable, ie. What you are supposed to be doing next, and even some hints as to the weaknesses of certain boss enemies.

One of the first encounters involves a demon called Volgram, of whom you agree to enterprise with since he has purchased some useful items after striking a deal with the council. This includes weapons and abilities and items that improve your resistances… convenient, but they had to put it in somehow. He becomes basically your merchant, but one of the skills allows you to be resurrected which is handy. Killing enemies earns you souls which are valued either in currency, health, or wrath boosts.
Overall the dynamics in the visuals and the engine appears pretty darn smooth, and although the gameplay might become repetitive (which would be a downside on my 'want to play' factor) it has a kind of Diablo -ish feel to it and since I've been waiting since feels like before I was born for D3, then this is still more than likely on my 'wish they'll let ME be the one to play it through to write the walkthrough guide list :

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