Alien Swarm | Free Game from Steam

Release Date: July 19, 2010 | Price: Free | PC-Steam

Available free from Steam, the Alien Swarm is an action packed four-player game enclosure. The players must fight through wave after wave of aliens with three other partners to eradicate all the foreigners in the off-world mining colony cold.

Alien Swarm is a very awsome game. Each player from the ocean view from the top down - consider it a Diablo-style shooter. Even from the top-down view, depth and attention to detail is amazing. Also this game is a bit scary, with explosions, fireballs, flashes of frightening shadow of foreigners from the overhead and jump or crawl out from under the pipes. There are some clipping issues on occasion, where the sea will RAG doll through boxes or other items, but overall the game looks really good.

There are four classes in the game. Officer, Spec-Op, Medic, Tech. Changed from a productive team, each player must choose a different class. After the class is taken, the player must choose the goods they are primary and secondary. The items range from weapons flamethrowers and lightning guns to pack medicine, ammunition and weapons package Guards (Many items must be opened first by leveling up). Same as Left 4 Dead, 'there is not much story in this game. For the purpose of moving from an objective game, with voice communication from superiors communicated to the players. Sometimes, to launch the reactor, and other times he took the team to go blow up the pipeline.

This is not a story-driven game, but doing a simple goal to help the players feel the nervous tension surrounding each level. Also, players need to take action Improving Poor 'in welding or damage to the team. The whole game is based purely on teamwork, the team needs the technology to open doors and access terminals. Medical needs to oversee the entire team dropped the package of medical care is needed Pls. Officers attack strength of all members of the team around him ". The spec-op has a unique weapon That Some handle a large amount of damage. If one member of the team decided to walk to the front, the whole team would fall apart.