James Bond 007 Blood Stone Reload

James Bond 007 Blood Stone reload to free download. Below are trailer the story of James Bond 007 Blood Stone and Download link.


The story begins with Greco, an international terrorist planning suicide attacks in the G-20 summit on the structure of the Acropolis in Athens. M sends Bond to investigate and prevent attacks from happening. After a brief meeting with Greco in his yacht, Bond chasing him through Athens. After a second confrontation with Greco, Bond stops a bomb-laden car was destined for the structure of the Acropolis, save the G-20 summit of potential disaster.

The next morning, Bond is assigned to rescue a missing professor, Malcolm Tedworth. Tedworth initially afraid of death until an anonymous tip led to his cell phone search and MI6 to the construction sites of Istanbul. Bond investigating areas Tedworth phone signal was lost in. In the catacombs, Tedworth interrogated by a man named Bernin that requires a password to a USB drive. Tedworth subject to torture and immediately executed. Bonds interrupted, Bernin chase by car and on foot, ending at an old stadium. However Bernin managed to get the data extracted, only to reveal the name of Stefan Pomerov for Bond before it kicked off the ledge.

After learning that will Pomerov in Monaco, Bonds traveling there, meeting with a contact, a rich jewelry designer named Nicole Hunter (Joss Stone). He took Bond to a casino Pomerov's. Nicole Pomerov distract while bonds slipped and broke into his safe. Bonds recovered documents and a video camera containing the interrogation Tedworth's. On it, Tedworth stated that he was a leading scientist who is trying to create good Smallpox and Anthrax antidote to cure the army in the event of biological attack. Once found, Bond shoots way out of the casino and get away with Nicole. M informs Bond that the file he found was an invoice for the manufacture of sophisticated chemical equipment assigned to a dying Siberian chemical plant owned by Pomerov.

In Siberia, Bond and Nicole enter the refinery with Bond disguised as a bodyguard. Nicole entered the building to get into office Pomerov while Bonds was contacted by Tanner in the Q branch and said they found the research Tedworth but where are locked before they can read it, Bond place and manage to gain access to the main computer when it does so, Bond found that Pomerov build factories and manufacturing bio-toxins. Bonds makes his way to a central control room where he triggered a meltdown. Nicole and Bonds to catch the train Pomerov's with the car, which was intended to smuggle poison abroad. Bonds followed the train to the port where the poison is loaded onto the plane which took off along the river in Pomerov. Using hovercraft ride, Bond damage the plane and board it, kill Pomerov in the process by shooting out of the emergency, he sucked out of the plane. The-bio weapons recovered, and Bond and Nicole split. He told M that ends on bio-weapons were created and founded by someone who wants to die Pomerov. Using the phone Bernin's, Bond discovered the lead from Bangkok. Colonel Ping bond contacts in Bangkok. Meeting in the aquarium, Ping said the Bond he has led the team in Geneva after a man named Rak which operates out of Bangkok. Before Ping to reveal more details, a murderer to kill him. Bond chasing the killers and killed him. Bond is trying to get background information Shelves of M while evading the police, only to be discovered by Rak and arrested.

Bond was taken to Burma where he was tortured. Shortly after he fled, Bond was involved in a fight a few with shelving. The conflict entered its peak when Bond fights Rak on the catwalk at the dam, eventually knocking him out. Shelves tried to call for mercy, but Bond has concluded that Rak is the employer. Institute of leaves falling to his death Rak, Rak only for her to land on Osprey. Bond shoots Rak, who accidentally shoots it with a grenade launcher causing it to blow up the rack is still on it.

Back in Monaco, Nicole revealed to be people who kidnapped Tedworth and planning another abduction. He drives off in his car and follows Bonds, finally cornering on the bridge. Once exposed, Nicole revealed that she did it to prove myself to a man rich and powerful. Bond tries to get his name but he refused to give him a greater claim than all things, and that he was watching them. Suddenly, an unmanned flying towards them and shoots dead Nicole. M then contacts Bond and asks him if everything was fine. He stated that he would need a new contact in Monaco and ask him to stay in contact. As Bond signs off, he was left alone on the bridge with Nicole's death.


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