Games release in March 2011

Hi guys, like I usually give a pretty exciting news. I have a little info on games that will release this month, March 2011. Maybe you already know more than me, but let us refer to the following games that will be released in March 2011.
Which will shortly appear is Homefront as a shooting game, homefront released as game pc, xbox 360, and playstaion 3. Release date info of this game is at North America homfront will released on 15 March 2011, Australasia on 10 March 2011, Europe on 11 March 2011 and Japan on 29 April 2011.
Game with theme in the future written by John Milius the writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn. Homefront story begins at 2027 where a nuclear-armed Korean People planning to attack the United States. Homefront are enough complications with a stressful course of action, this was recommended to be played.

The next is the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood specifically on the PC which will be released on March 18, in Europe and on 22 March in North America. The most in search and played, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood come with full features and excellent graphics. This game should you play and enjoy the game fantasy story.

and last are The First Templars and F.3.A.R. Seems to be delayed its release date. On The First Templars and F.3.AR will be released on the 25th of March (The First Templar) and on 23 March (F.3.AR)
For details I still don't know, so we should wait for the latest info.

For more info about The First Templar you can visit
and to F.3.A.R. at

How to download

Hay Guys, so much messages to me and ask about to download the shared files from my blog. I'm sorry if any of you confuse to find the download link.

first think you must to know is i hosted my file at, specialy about mobile games file. i put the download link behind the picture of the game, when you click on the picture, you will see another page from that's it the file is ready to download.

i have another blog to store much download link, specialy game file with large size. in this blog, the link to get that is include, so nothing hard to get the download link i think.

reason if there have no the download link are:
  • I'm not the ones who uploud the file, so if the first oplouder delete the game file from his/her online media host, i can't help to get another alternative link (maybe).
  • the donwload link was broken, so we can't access the files to download.

Good SEO spamming dumb ads

I wonder why, many blogs/sites with good SEO but they give a lot of pop up ads. I understand why they added a pop up, but whether they realized it was quite disturbing readers who want to read the article or the contents. I may not need to make a list of blog or website address that have a pop up that was considered quite uncomfortable for the reader. It is unfortunate indeed, they are great with SEO but it uses pop-up ads and put some ads that high spam value. Sometime I need an article for reading material or entertainment and I find using google search engine. I also opened a few blogs and sites on the first page, but I was quite surprised with some pop ups that comes from blogs and sites that contain advertising only. I am looking for money with this blog too but wondered why they seemed very eager to showing ads and hoping to get clicks on ads that pop ups and kind of it. According to me not as a blogger but as a reader / audience of the content, advertisements with pop up is actually quite disturbing. in fact many ways to get clicks on ads that we put on the blog or site and can get a lot of earnings.
Great in SEO but spaming ads are things that didn't behave professionally, maybe they are using this way is the "black hat or gray hat". People who are actually able to compete but finding a shortcut to make a profit. SEO is a powerful weapon in getting visitors to your blog or site that we created but negative things in it could make the point of destruction with slowly on the blog or site.
I am not an expert to provide an assessment, this is just as my reviews in a superb SEO skills but possess enough negative things in it. Great SEO must not spaming or junker sites, professional and compete in a fair manner is more honorable, don't be dumb for instant results.