Good SEO spamming dumb ads

I wonder why, many blogs/sites with good SEO but they give a lot of pop up ads. I understand why they added a pop up, but whether they realized it was quite disturbing readers who want to read the article or the contents. I may not need to make a list of blog or website address that have a pop up that was considered quite uncomfortable for the reader. It is unfortunate indeed, they are great with SEO but it uses pop-up ads and put some ads that high spam value. Sometime I need an article for reading material or entertainment and I find using google search engine. I also opened a few blogs and sites on the first page, but I was quite surprised with some pop ups that comes from blogs and sites that contain advertising only. I am looking for money with this blog too but wondered why they seemed very eager to showing ads and hoping to get clicks on ads that pop ups and kind of it. According to me not as a blogger but as a reader / audience of the content, advertisements with pop up is actually quite disturbing. in fact many ways to get clicks on ads that we put on the blog or site and can get a lot of earnings.
Great in SEO but spaming ads are things that didn't behave professionally, maybe they are using this way is the "black hat or gray hat". People who are actually able to compete but finding a shortcut to make a profit. SEO is a powerful weapon in getting visitors to your blog or site that we created but negative things in it could make the point of destruction with slowly on the blog or site.
I am not an expert to provide an assessment, this is just as my reviews in a superb SEO skills but possess enough negative things in it. Great SEO must not spaming or junker sites, professional and compete in a fair manner is more honorable, don't be dumb for instant results.


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