How to download

Hay Guys, so much messages to me and ask about to download the shared files from my blog. I'm sorry if any of you confuse to find the download link.

first think you must to know is i hosted my file at, specialy about mobile games file. i put the download link behind the picture of the game, when you click on the picture, you will see another page from that's it the file is ready to download.

i have another blog to store much download link, specialy game file with large size. in this blog, the link to get that is include, so nothing hard to get the download link i think.

reason if there have no the download link are:
  • I'm not the ones who uploud the file, so if the first oplouder delete the game file from his/her online media host, i can't help to get another alternative link (maybe).
  • the donwload link was broken, so we can't access the files to download.


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