Electronic Arts Income Targeting in Asia with Online Games

Giant game maker, Electronic Arts continues to boost its earnings in the Asian market. One of these efforts made by developing online games. EA today, has 16 branch offices in Asia where gaming development center in Singapore, Hyderabad, India, Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo.

Previously, EA has released several games in the online version in Asia such as FIFA, NBA Street, Battlefield Heroes Warhammer Online and the soon to follow. Next year EA certainly will launch an online version of Need for Speed. Currently racing game which features actress Maggie Q online version is being developed in Singapore.

EA will always working together with local companies in the release of online games. on FIFA games online, EA took the ninth Ltd which is the operator of World of Warcraft in China, while the game operators Tencent Inc. and T2CN to marketing the NBA Street online.

EA President for Asia, Jon Nierman revealed that, on Wednesday (15/10/2008) as reported by the Associated Press (AP).
According Nierman, an online gaming market in Asia is increasing. EA plans to release more online games in Asia this year, among the 12 editions of different games to boost revenue this year.

Nierman adds, EA revenue in Asia is only approximately six percent of EA's total revenue. In fiscal year 2008, the company is headquartered in Redwood City, California gets $ 3, 67 billion.
"The development of online games is we need to increase the growth is very high," said Niermaan at the launch of the game Need for Speed ​​Undercover for Asia.


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