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How games like this make overlooked while middle-of-the-road games like Rainbow Six Vegas make all the build up, I'll by no means know. What a little gem of a game. If you're a fan of Sci Fi shooters, you'll like Timeshift. First the bad. The story is almost non surviving. But could you repeat that? It lacks in story, it makes up pro in gameplay. Inside the commencement, I found using the calculate shifting abilities a little cumbersome. But some time ago you make used to it, boy does this game make fun. The graphics are exceptional, the guns are cool. The environments are varied and challenging. The enemies are smart and will flank you fast. The game by no means feels disused. One of Timeshift's utmost assets however is the checkpoint logic. I HATE games everywhere if you go to meet your maker, you be inflicted with to do again the continue 6-10 minutes of gameplay you solely finished previous to you died. This can ruin could you repeat that? Might be an otherwise decent game. That by no means happens in Timeshift. The checkpoints are impeccably placed. It becomes obvious with the intention of the developers deposit autosaves solely previous to really challenging parts. A enormous plus! All I can say is don't consent to this game pass you by. I am a fan of shooters like Resistance, Halo, Call Of Duty contract, and in my attitude Timeshift is solely as worthy a shooter.

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