Diablo II: Dragon [PC-Game] 770MB - Mediafire

-Health/Mana potion jars added, and are purchaseable at vendors
-rejuv potions are purchaseable at vendors
-Gem Orbs added, and are purchaseable at vendors
-Metal Ores added, and are purchaseable from blacksmith npcs
-charms, jewelry, belts, boots, and gloves are socketable
-all items can have as many sockets as they have inventory squares
-charms, jewelry, and circlets are gambleable
-3 additional skills per character class
-increased stash/cube/trade/inventory sizes
-Modified storyline (will be completely new eventually)
-Scrolls now stack up to 50 in books
-new skill graphics for some skills (Rainbow Breath, Conviction, Bahamut's Breath)
-disabled class-specific item drops, you MUST get them from anya, you can't even gamble for them
-changed many monster names (especially superuniques and bosses)
-Character names changed
-Max Level 5000
-Completely new Tristram, lots of unique monsters, no burning buildings
-Cain is now Draconis
-5x monster life/damage/def/experience
-NM and hell resistance penalties changed to -75 and -150 respectively
-difficulty names changed to: Dragon, Elder Dragon, Dragon God
-changed starting items for characters, each starts with a club, hand axe, short sword, mirror(buckler), tome of planar portal, tome of great wisdom, keyring, Horadric Cube, 4 minor power elixers, 4 minor blood restoratives, and 1 Gold Bar
-All characters start out crappy, and have the same base stats
-no mana, life, or stamina when you level up
-1 life/stamina per vitality, 1 mana per energy
-increased walk/run speeds
-disabled NPC speech sounds
-changed some level names
-disabled foul crow type enemies
-disabled fallens and fallen shaman


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