Room Zoom : Race for Impact

Room Zoom : Race for Impact is a great games, lightning fast and frenetic. kin to 1999's Re-Volt, Room Zoom lets you race tiny cars through  a mad scientist's lab, barreling through a bathroom, supersized environments, and a kitchen, among other locales. We will grape power-ups, blast opponents, dodge power tools, and find shortcuts to make it to the checkered flag first. Room Zoom is simple to pick up and play and it offers plenty of action, yet the chaotic game play and wildly cluttered tracks can sap the fun out of things as quickly as they create it.
You can drive in single races of one to seven laps, though most of the tracks and cars are initially locked. Room Zoom lacks any multiplayer modes, instead pitting you against artificial intelligence-controlled cars with three ability levels. You can't save your progress during each four-race group--you can only save between races--so once you get started, be prepared to keep playing for a while. To unlock them, you'll need to finish in at least third place on each track as you battle through the game's championship mode. 
In the championship mode, you progress through three groups of four races, with each race taking place on a different track. It's a shame the developer ignored the fact that not every gamer has the time or inclination to play for long stretches. On top of that problem, you'll find that the tracks don't smoothly ramp-up in difficulty. Instead, the game randomly mixes easy tracks with a few that will have you yanking your hair out.
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