Blogger robots meta tag SEO

googlebot indexingBlogger does not really need a robots meta tag? because many people say robots meta tag is very important for SEO.
The answer is Blogger does not need a robots meta tag at all, because:

1. Bloggers are already using a robots.txt file to tell search engine robots to index the latest updates on a blog, just prove it. open your own blog address
It is true, we can not edit it but do is simply perfect.

2. Search Engine Robot will automatic indexing and following our blog update. for you who has an account can immediately find out. when you create a new blog, that has been recorded directly on the dashboard account and periodically search engine robots will index the content that you create.

How if you still want to use the robots meta tag?
it is your right as Author of the blog and many suggestions for using 'noodp' (powered by google, yahoo, and bing) or 'noydir' (supported by yahoo)
In this blog, I do not use the robots meta tag. All that's up to you :)


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