Gamer Personality Diseases

I think it is quite interesting to discuss about disease personality of suffered by a gamer. I am a gamer, so I could know a few things gamers oddities that are considered as a disease. disease due to personality, stress and even a gamer would be crazy. You guys are coming to this blog are mostly gamers, hopefully the things I write here could make a lesson to you and not very long suffered from this disease.

in general, gamers who have a disease because of games tend to be more loner, less able to communicate with the general neighborhood, and even less to know progress in the vicinity. Emotionally unstable, while playing games then get interference from others, their emotions will rise and angry, but then be quiet when returning to play a game.

Other diseases are arrogant. those who get the highest score or win the game often tend to be big-headed and boasted game results to others with confidence. Although only a game, they think of something essential and precious. it's relates to other people, and usually just to get attention from others. Taunt other players who are under his ability and this makes getting his head more bigger. Positive effect is can rise of self confidence in the neighborhood, school and friends but the effect is only temporary.

Addiction. sense of addictive that exist in a gamer, bad thiks are time with family or friends will reduced. addictive gamers are more severe and obvious, even in the crowded they are still cool to play their game. Things that are discussed to others most about the games they played. Playing game longer than usual, not even normal. This game addicts usually spent long hours just to play games.

There are many diseases that I have not written, now I want to play a new game on my PC... cauw...


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