Google+ plus Games :D

Did you know Google has now officially announced the official social network site? The name is Google+ (plus) you can find it here

Just like another social networking sites as Facebook. But most people are less interested using Google+ (plus), perhaps because Google+ (plus) still new and not yet popular such as Facebook. I also do not quite understand to use Google+ (plus) services like 'Circles', because I have not had a friend in Google+ (plus) xD LOL...
Google+ games list
Google+ Game list for now
The first service that I visited was Google+ (plus) Game. Although not much like at Facebook apps, games that exist in google+ (plus) are Bubble Island, Zombie Lane, Sudoku Puzzels, Dragon Age Legends, Diamond Dash, Edgeworld, Monster World, Zynga Poker, etc 'Angry Birds' also at Google+ (plus). Currently I playing Angry Birds at Google+ (plus).


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