Last time when I feel life is beautiful

These posts are usually written in diary or just a memory that we remember. I remember when I was really happy, have friend who helped me through a problem. Even though only a small problem, all we spending time together.

and the funny thing is, when we fight about our future. In the past I want to be a basketball player and plans to become a pro at the basketball club, just an imaginary dreams at that time.
And she just wants to be a housewife who is always waiting for her husband home from work (more reasonable). She was my first love...
She did not want me just becoming a basketball player, and many arguments about the discussion point is fiction. We are just teens, it's natural.

Now we have own life, and She became housewives doing housework and take care Her first child. I hope she happy there, thanks for a wonderful time. Maybe someday we meet at somewhere and laugh discuss anything.
This memory may not come every day, so I tried to write it and read it again one day.


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