Many people looking for info about Miyabi. Actually I do not quite understand what exactly Miyabi is. When I look for info and write Miyabi as keyword in the search engines, I also got a new knowledge..

Miyabi Natsuyaki, a Japanese singer and member of the groups Berryz Kobo and Buono!
Miyabi is character in the Battle Arena Toshinden fighting game series.
Miyabi Kagurazaki, a character in the manga and anime Ai Yori Aoshi.
Miyabi is the popular name of Maria Ozawa or Ozawa Maria, She is one of Japanese adult video actress. Actually I do not want to discuss this on my blog, just provide the info and responses only.

Why do I respond about Miyabi?
Because, there are some visitors come to my blog through search engines using 'Miyabi' as the keywords and most visitors who come looking for Miyabi is Indonesians. =___= cape deh...

Another thing that I found on Wikipedia about Miyabi, please go to Wikipedia


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