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How to enter the ice castle, you must kill monsters 'Bell' in front of the castle lake, now you can enter the ice castle. Your goal is to get the ice castle Hat band, Ice Armor Top, Bottom and Ice Armor Boot. Certainly not easy, before you have to run the Quest is convoluted and confusing. here I guide you for ice castle quest guide. So you just follow the steps in this guide quest ice castle.
  1. First you go to ice castle after getting the key from the monster Bell in front of the castle lake.
  2. after the entrance, look right, there are NPC Ice Castle Girl. Talk to the girl, he would ask you to collect 20 Ice Castle Newsletters. Find the monster named Tubbs on the 1st floor of ice castle. After collected, give it to the NPC girl. Completed, gain the reputation.
  3. Search Q Lemonny monster, kill monster and got Quest Odds Letter. Back to the NPC Girl earlier, She said she do not understand but the instructions to see NPC Raon in madelin. Go to madelin, Raon NPC is in the middle of town madelin. Continue to talk about the odds Letter and give to the NPC Girl again. Completed, get the new Quest.
  4. Now Quest asked to hunt Ice Dude 10 tails, if already 10 report to the NPC Girl. Completed, got the new Quest.
  5. Now you are asked to collect 5 pieces Seed of Flames.
  6. Well, now we're looking at 1st floor of an ice castle Boss. Kill the Boss Iceman, after the cut scene kill you obtain the key to access the 2nd floor.
  7. Then we find the warp to the 2nd floor of ice castle. Once inside, go right ahead, tight wall of ice until saw a warp of sword. Entrance, there is another boss, kill the boss. Mystery Key you got, completed and there droped a box from the Boss (take it).
  8. Back to the 2nd floor, find the mystery warp on the 2nd floor. go in and up in jail, go into the warp and the opponent's only monster Flames kill them until the Key to enter Ice Queen room droped. Do not forget, collect Seed of Flames. Finish, Seed of Flames 5, a key entrance to the room Ice Queen.
  9. back to the NPC Girl, 5 Seed of Flames. Quest Completed while, because you already have a key to the room Ice Queen and Bag Seed of Flames you can enter 3rd floor and Ice Queen room.
Now a different story,
  1. go to the 3rd floor and find Ice Queen's room. Here we will meet Boss Bell / Ice Queen. Kill the Boss until you obtain manual Ice Armor Top (T), Ice Armor Bottom (B), and Ice Armor Boots (B). after you get 3 manuals of Ice armor.
  2. Go out of the room, then look for the NPC Boy at 3rd floor.
  3. Invite a way NPC Boy, but it did not happen anything, well I got dizzy here hahahaha ..
  4. If so, now we're looking for 'Odd Notes' from the monster Tubbs in 1st floor of ice castle. Notes When you are get the Odd notes give it to [Merchant] Master Keymaker keyro in Zaid (D, 4).
  5. Well, now you can make Ice armor T (Top), B (Bottom), B (Boot) by talking to [Merchant] Master Keymaker keyro. Prepare 3 pieces Pink Diamond first before asking him to make Ice Armor.
WAIT, is still not finished!
  1. Outside the Ice Castle, the front entrance there is an NPC to talk to the NPC Dude and then he asked for collect 20 fresh lemons and 15 mirror fragments. So we are to the 1st floor again, to gather fresh lemon and mirror fragments. then give to the NPC Dude and NPC Ice Girl... Then give bag of seed flames to NPC Boy at the 3rd floor
  2. Continue to fight Ice Golem till you got 'Pen' (Quest item).
  3. bring Pen to the NPC Girl (back xD). Well she told you to collect 10 Ice sheet now, go to the 2nd Floor, kill Ice Soldier. If already collected 10 Ice Sheet, bring it to NPC Girl again.
  4. Now in order to NPC Boy again on the 3rd floor, NPC Boy want to talk right? then you obtain Quest "Heartfelt Tear". Continue to the room Ice Queen again. Kill the Ice Queen until Quest changed to "Love vibe". Done.
  5. Back to the NPC Girl, reports, blah blah blah, and you get the Ice Armor Manual Hat Band (H).
  6. Go to the [Merchant] Master Keymaker keyro and asked to create one, it took a pink Diamond.

all complete set of Ice Armor (H) (T) (B) (B)
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