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SEO for blogger blog working with title and tweaking for best optimizations, that was the basic ideas SEO for any website. But for blogger, this is will more easy to optimizations blogger blog. There are some things to be discussed there are the blog title, post title, headline tags (H1), and tweaking the word which is used as the title. Read well and try to understand each sentence, then optimized your blog title.

SEO explanation about importance of a title - The title is the first thing discovered by search engine robots, applicable to all search engines which exist around the world. So, the title is actually spearheading of SEO. A good title is the title that had keywords you're targeted. then create title match with the keywords.

example, Your target keyword is "SEO for bloggers"
so make a title with these keywords
Title - SEO for Blogger Blog
Title - Blogger Search Engine Optimizations
Title - SEO tips for bloggers

Title post in every post you make. As above, title should contain keywords and a basic idea of ​​the post or content that you're create. On blogger, there is a problem in the form of default title tag. so it's recommended you change the title tag.

find the code at the below in edit html page

then replace with code below
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/><b:if cond='data:blog.pageName'> - </b:if><data:blog.title/></title>


Why must using the new title tag? because in default setting, title tag reads as Blog Title: Post Title to all posts in search engine results.
after using the new tag title, will be Blog Title in home page, Post Title on each post title (it has a uniqueness in every post that has been published) in the search results, your blog has more unique content.

The next optimizations is the headline tag (h1, h2, h3, h4). example
<h1>blog title</h1>
<h1>post title</h1>

Use (h1) only for the blog title and post title, with new title tags above, (h1) will only appear 1 and this number is very good for SEO. Not recommended a blog has more than 2 (h1).
if (h1) has been completed, now using (h2) (h3) to support performance (h1). how? (h1) we used was part of our targeted keywords, so for (h2) (h3) just trying to repeat a few keywords to support the (h1).
Sample <h2>post title</h2> <h3>widget title</h3>
in blogger, usually headlines tag already installed. (h2) (h3) are usually the title on blog widgets, and (h1) that need to be searched and placed on the blog title and post title.

The last is the number of characters in making a title. Search engine robots can detect the headers that contain spam. So, title blog and post titles should be made ​​with simple and contain only targeted keywords. Don't make too long title that contains repetition of words, or will detected as spam by search engine. Place the most Important keywords or keyword phrases at the beginning of the tag and keep your title short, roughly 10 to 64 characters including spaces. That's all, now you can try my optimization on yor blog and good luck.

Regard, Javadhimzk
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