Download RAGE patch update multiplayer crashfix bugfix

Download some patch update for RAGE to playing multiplayer and fix some crash, bug, or else. here you go...

RAGE patch update #1

[Part_1] [Part_2]

RAGE patch update #2

[Part_1] [Part_2]

RAGE patch update #3

[Part_1] [Part_2]

When you download, dont forget to remove (*) and then reload the page, after that you can start to download the patch update for multi player (MP) and bug or crash fix.
If any broken download links, just leave coments to tell us.

RAGE patch installation

Extract and copy the patch update to your RAGE MP folder [ z:\RAGE\rage\mp ]

How To Play MP
Start the RAGE with Multiplayer Launcher and select Multiplayer.
Select Wasteland Legends - Private game and send invite to your friend.
if fail to invite, press [Shift + Tab] + doble click your friend. see this [screenshot]
Then, when you all in the game lobby, you can start the game and play.

For RAGE Troubleshooting, FAQ, Help

major performance for ati/amd GFX - [here]
ati/amd tweaking - [here]
Lag or freeze - [here]
Rage Issues, Bugs And Fixes Thread - [here]


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