FIFA 12 Tutorials Shooting Free Kick Penalty Kick

Some tutorials for free kick, shooting, and penalty kick while playing FIFA 12 on PC version that you must learn, for new or old players because there are have some differences with PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions of FIFA 12.

Fifa 12 tutorial list
1. Penalty Kick
2. Shoting
3. Free Kick

FIFA 12 Penalty Kick Taking Tutorial

knowing the penalty indicator in fifa 12
Composer meter: wait until the line reaches the green color and press the shot button. if red, Your kick will be out of control.
Players skill in the penalty rate, will easly to get green bar.
Power bar: longer hold shot button will make ball fast shoot. Don't be too long holding the shoot button so you can easily control it.
Shot: press and hold the shot button to kick.
Aim: left analog to drive the ball. long held the farther the ball will lead.
Aim help: press LT/L2 to help bring the ball indicator. This assistance can only be used while in the arena for training.

Basic Penalty Kick Taking Tutorial Video

Advance Penalty Kick Taking Tutorial Video

FIFA 12 Shoting Tutorial

Finesse shoot: press RB/R1 + shoot [depending on the configuration controller]. This kick using the side of foot so the ball can be more easily controlled. accuracy of this kick is quite high but less power.

Regular shoot: press the shoot button. Players and ball position is crucial, press shoot button when the ball drop beside player's foothold.

Acrobatic / fancy shoot: press LT/L2 + shoot button. as in the video bellow, this kick will feature beautiful gol if successful. the key is timing. seems simple but necessary carefulness. suitable for the ball in the air. variations kick quite a lot. also can be flat.

Chip shoot: press LB/L1 + shot button.

Manual shot: setting at the controller settings. a kick in fifa 12 is assisted by default. so Your ball direction was not in accordance with your wishes. if you want to drive the ball into the corner off goalkeeper, this option can be very useful.

Shooting Tutorial Video

FIFA 12 Free Kick Tutorial


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