How to get SEO

Learn and get Search Engine Optimization, "How to SEO?" here are simple discussions to optimize your site, blog, or other online content. Easy and not just nonsense.

SEO Basic is Optimization Title

Title is basic for Search Engine Optimization, I have discussed previously the title as the basic SEO. true, the basis of SEO is the title of the content that you create.
to optimize the title is highly recommended to use the headline tag, use H1 and H2 are the basics of SEO.

Get SEO with Description Tag

Optimized content with a description that attracts attention the seeker (user). a description on a search results page is the main attraction for visitors to get a high CTR. for SEO, always use details about your content and make a communication to users.

Get SEO in Targeted Keyword

Targeted keywords in your content, do not create content branched and convoluted.

Get SEO using Meta Tag

Use meta tags that support SEO, remember that not all meta tags influential on the search results. Good meta tags for SEO are the title tag, meta description tag, meta tag keywords, meta tag language, content type meta tag.

Get SEO with the Number of Links on a Page

Create a link in the keyword, but do not overdo it. number of links on a page is suggested only 100 links and choose a unique link with a range of 80% to 100%. then there is no link keywords are wasted. Why are not more than 100? 100 links on a page is the level of reasonableness imposed by the robotic search engines when indexing web pages. if more than 100 links and uniqueness of the link level ratings below 50% are the possibility of the search engine robots will mark you as SPAM links.


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